Student volunteers from the Helping Hands Club are headed back to Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles again this year.

For Thanksgiving, they created more than 1,000 gift baskets for the homeless.  In December, they will dress up in Santa Claus hats to bring toys, food, and hygiene kits to people living on Skid Row.

Helping Hands is a club for high school students interested in creating a better world.  They participate in a variety of projects to help those in need and are dedicated to making the world a better place.

Whether they are raising money to help families in need or spending quality time with hospital patients, these are rewarding experiences.  They learn important lessons their lives and themselves too.

Helping Hands has been operating for almost 20 years but became an official club two years ago.  About 150 students meet twice a month on campus to plan volunteer opportunities.  School staff, students from other schools, and alumni come volunteer with us.

Students also spring into action when they hear about a problem in the community.  Recently, they learned one of their fellow students was homeless.  Helping Hands raised $900 to provide food and clothing for him and his family.

But they cannot do it without help.  They need your support.  Give to Helping Hands through our website. Give more so that they can do more to help others.

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